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Common Problems of First Draft Rubrics


  • Task/project inappropriate for rubric
  • Insufficient attention to content, over-emphasis on form
  • Descriptors aren’t clustered
  • Rubric dimensions are missing (analytic)
  • Dimensions are not sufficiently prioritized or labeled
  • Over-reliance on quantitative terms used (several, numerous, some) to define levels of performance
  • Over-reliance on words that say more but less clearly
  • Lack of specificity in descriptions
  • Lowest level is primarily described in terms of missing elements
  • Top level is not real-world standard or does not allow student to see the relationship between the top level and the real-world standard
  • Product attributes and process attributes are mixed together


The rubric development process takes time, isn’t always neat, and can be difficult at times. The evolution of a rubric in action





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