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What does the layout of a quality rubric look like?

Layout features are often overlooked when designing a rubric and they can go a long way towards improving the quality of a rubric. A good looking rubric isn't necessarily a quality one, but if layout features interfere with a students' ability to interpret a teacher's expectations, than a rubric will not be quality. Below are 7 items to consider when designing and laying out a rubric.


  1. The rubric is titled.
  2. There is space for a student name.
  3. The rubric is reader friendly.
  4. The font is readable.
  5. There is good use of white space.
  6. Grids, symbols or lines have been used to assist the user.
  7. A comment section allows for further feedback or self-notes. (optional)   


Examples of quality rubrics:

* that are reader friendly with pictures, white space, and borders and lines

Examples of revised rubrics:

* from difficult to read to easier to read

* from crowded to spaced out


Explore other attributes of a quality rubric through the components below

Content Dimensions Use of Language Levels


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