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Checklists are most appropriate for components of complex products, skills, and knowledge items that are used primarily in classrooms, such as paragraphs, following steps when creating a painting in a particular style, making soup, answers to short essay questions, solving a math problem using a particular approach,  maintaining good posture in orchestra, or a book report. They are also indicated when the teacher is most interested in determining if the students did something, as opposed to determining how well that something was done.


Checklists can be used in conjunction with rubrics by helping students "check" the different rubric requirements as they complete them. Many teachers we work with use the third level of a four-point rubric to create a checklist, which the students use when giving feedback or setting work for the following day.


Below is a checklist that students can use to self-assess themselves as they prepare for a presentation:



Interactive Presentation Checklist



Time Management

1.       Did I use my time at an even pace, completing all sections of the presentation?





2.       Did I set up and begin promptly?






3.       Was the flow of my presentation and material logical and smooth?





4.       Were all the presented materials well-organized and readily available?





Resource use

5.       Did I use different media to present my information?





6.       Did I use the most important media for the kind of information I presented?





Audience Awareness

7.       Did I make frequent eye contact with my audience?





8.       Did I vary my voice to suit my presentation?





9.       Did I present my material in a way that suited my audience?






10.    Did I present myself in a professional way in my dress and grooming?





11.    Did I hand out and use materials that were ascetically pleasing?






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